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Heck of a way to say Happy New Years, eh? I have to stay in full-on Underburbs mode, so I won't be taking any commissions for the foreseeable future. Well, that's that.

How are you?
Epilogue - Royal Rearrangement by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Royal Rearrangement
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconhistoryisawesomeguy:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Angeline the Opulent

Rosemary Morgan checked her watch and walked to the front and back doors to see if her daughter had come home from school, but there was still no sign of Angela.

Her son Damon came down the stairs in his usual frayed trenchcoat. Ever since Winifred Pale's invasion of the human world on Halloween, Damon had been transformed into a sort of pumpkin man, but he still managed to clomp down every step as though he still had heavy boots on rather that a series of tendrils. "Geez, Mom, she probably just stayed a little after school to talk with some of her friends." Damon reached for the front door to go see his friends of his own.

"Without so much as a phone call? Angela isn't the extracurricular type. Maybe she's with Shelley, I could see that." Rosemary chewed at her thumbnail. "But if it's Winifred, or that Brimston girl..." Rosemary couldn't finish the sentence and instead just shook her head.

Damon was trying his best to be a disaffected goth teen with a jack o' lantern for a head, but his mother wasn't making it easy. "You worry too much. Angela will be here any minute, just like every other day."

They then heard the back door slide open at that moment.

"See? There you go," Damon said as the two of them went to the back door to greet Angela.

When they arrived at the back door, they were understandably shocked to see a woman decorated with colorful and expensive looking jewelry. They also took notice of her... size.

Angeline addressed the two of them, waving her pudgy, ringed fingers. "Hello mumsie, hello Damon darling." 

Rosemary froze. Instead of shouting at the stranger to get out of her house, she looked into her sapphire-blue eyes. Either it was mother's intuition, or the fact that Rosemary had knowledge of magic and witchcraft herself. But she recognized her daughter underneath the expensive clothes, elaborate coiffure, and enhanced... well, everything.

"Wait, are you serious? This is Angela?" Damon asked his mother with disbelief.

Rosemary slowly nodded, wide-eyed. "She may be blonde, buxom, and bejeweled, but this is indeed your little sister."

"Oh thank you mumsie, but please, it's Angeline now: Queen Angeline to be more precise." Angeline corrected her.

"Oh, you think you're a queen now? Angela despite some fancy age spell that came with a bit of glamour, you're still just a little girl who isn't in her right of mind, now we are marching right back to that school and find the reverse spell." Rosemary ordered.

"Oh mumsie, I don't think you quite understand. I'm thinking very clearly right now, and right now, I know for a fact that I'm the wealthiest woman in Underborough along with my family. You may think I've changed completely but that's simply not true, even with our vast fortune, I still love you both the most." Angeline said as she leaned down and kissed her mother and then Damon on the cheek.

"Angela or Angeline, whatever you call yourself now, I don't know how you even fit through this door, but so help me I'll shove you back through it if I have t--" Rosemary started.

"Whoa, Mom, Mom, calm down. I know you're a little upset at what Angela's done but she's still okay, right?" Damon asked his mom, who looked a little shorter to him all of a sudden.

"Ugh, Damon, she can't go prancing about with the money that she probably doesn't even have. I mean really do you honestly think a spell on one girl can affect the entire world around her?" Rosemary asked Damon, whose head was looking more like pink flesh than orange rind.

"I don't know, maybe? From all of that jewlery on her person, you'd think she'd have a little more than just that. Althought I'm not sure about the rings she's wearing." Damon commented as his goth trappings shortened into a fancy tailcoat.

"What's wrong with those rings? They look absolutely fabulous on her. Frankly I'm surprised she didn't take another fan with her, that one she's had for at least a month, maybe even two..." Rosemary's voice quivered with worry as she cupped her mouth with smooth, white hands. Her clothes were now a long velvet dress fit for a slim teenager, rather than the forty-something's sweater that flickered in the back of her mind.

"Oh please, Rosemary, Mumsie would never go about town two months with something like that. Besides what about that garish dress you've worn for about a month now?" Damon asked his sister, narrowing his eyes from behind dark rose-tinted sunglasses.

"Garish?! I'll have you know that this is the most sought after dress in Underborough and I was the first to buy it and the first to fashion it across town!" Rosemary yelled at her brother.

"Yes, tell me, did everyone run screaming when they saw you coming with it on?" Damon foppishly jibed.

"I'll wipe that smirk from your face, you wretched little dandy!" Rosemary raised a hand to strike him.

"Rosemary! Damon!" Queen Angeline shouted.

"Yes, Mumsie?" Rosemary and Damon asked in unison.

"Is this how a prince and princess are supposed to act?" Queen Angeline said disapprovingly to her children.

"No, Mumsie." Rosemary and Damon both answered demurely.

"Good, now both of you apologize to each other." Queen Angeline demanded.

"Sorry brother, I didn't mean to start fisticuffs with you." Rosemary apologized.

"I'm sorry as well Rosemary, you do look ravishing in that dress." Damon apologized.

"Good, now why don't you both clean up, I've decided to invite the Pales over for dinner tonight." Queen Angeline suggested to them.

"Really Mother, why do you want to always have dinner with them?" Rosemary asked.

"Well that Vincent is quite dashing and it is rather nice having another man in this house." Queen Angeline smirked.

"Mother!" Rosemary shouted.

"I must admit that beneath her brutish exterior, Lady Winifred is quite fetching." Damon smirked.

"Damon! Honestly, she's a child." Rosemary shouted to her brother.

"Who can say with vampires?" Damon replied, adjusting his sleeves.

"Perhaps you're just jealous because you don't have anyone to pine for." Queen Angeline teased.

"Oh mother." Rosemary said as she rolled her eyes.
Epilogue - Pale Sessions by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Pale Sessions
This epilogue is brought to you by :icondocotto:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Goth Star

Hammer entered the studio as quietly as possible. He did not need to be reminded what the red light meant. Winifred Pale was leaning intently over a sound board that stretched across the entire room. He didn't know what any of the knobs, dials, and lights did. He was certain that Winifred didn't, either. In a booth behind a lagre pane of glass was Angela Morgan, sporting about ten pounds of hairspray and eyeliner. She was spouting some nonsense over jangly guitars and synthesized strings. The Hammer had no use for poetry. He was summoned to help take over the human world, but precious little progress had been made, no matter how dutifully he prepared for the daily meetings.

"What do you think of this?" Winifred asked, pointing towards the booth.

"It's... okay."

"Her early work was a little too post-punk for my tastes," Winifred continued. Hammer did not bother pointing out that Angela's early work was barely a week old at this point.

"I think our little Angela's really coming into her own with this direction, commercially and artistically. The haunting melodies paired with the atmospheric, impressionistic backing tracks give the whole thing a sheen of consummate professionalism. Her voice has a deathly mystique, but the songs are still tight and pop-oriented, with an almost romantic aesthetic..."

Hammer let Winifred ramble on. It would be quite a while before she finished. He stared at Angela as he adjusted the armload of files, architectural plans, and notes from prior meetings. She gazed into the middle distance as she blathered into the microphone. She was trying not to look back at him, Hammer surmised. She was one of the countess' first human subjects. Surely she wasn't stalling Winifred on purpose, was she? No matter, this musical obsession would wane soon enough, and they could get back to business.

"We were supposed to be actually reducing cities to dust, not recording songs about it," Hammer grumbled as he closed the door.

*Yes, I ripped off American Psycho and its use of review-speak very, very liberally for this one.
Epilogue - Stitches in Time by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Stitches in Time
This epilogue is brought to you by :icondocotto:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Shocking Development

Winifred Pale struggled in vain against the steel restraints, shouting the most dignified obscenities she knew. Shelley stood back with only a notepad and an attentive eye as Angela gripped a lever mounted on the wall of the school's mad scince lab.

"You're doing a great service to both science and magic," Angela said over Winifred's blue streak. She threw the switch, bathing the room in a blinding strobe. Angela continued to speak over the crackle of electrodes.

"I only recently did this to myself, a living being, in the school archives, you see."

Shelley continued to observe and take notes. "Subject's hair is whitening at tempular imapct points."

"And our friend Ms. Debunkle was of course created in a laboratory environment from dead tissue."

"Subject showing 33% growth in phalanges."

"When I relayed my story to her, we discussed its scientific significance. Could my magical mishap be recreated in a lab?"

"Subject's garments showing a 50% increase in plaid."

"We could have picked any subject, but our curiousity got the better of us both, I must confess."

"Appearance of facial sutures. Still no discernible cause."

"We had to study the effects of the process on an undead subject, i.e., a vampire. We're sure you'll find our notes fascinating. In a few moments, you should be able to understand them. I do hope you'll be willing to share some input, now that you are a fellow Stitch."

"We can only call each other that," Shelley sternly reminded.
Epilogue - What's Cooking? by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - What's Cooking?
This epilogue is brought to you by :icondocotto:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Winged Demon

Angela soared through the air, elated. It felt so much different than putting around on her old broomstick. Her lean build and powerful wings allowed her to twist and swoop above Underborough's countryside. But soon something began to bother her. A sudden rumbling in her abdomen told her it was time to eat, and it could not --would not-- wait. Could it be her newly acquired demon metabolism? She thought about Winifred Pale's personal assistant, The Hammer. He was never without some sort of snack. Angela used to attribute it to a sweet tooth. But maybe he needed a constant flow of calories. And he didn't seem to do anything! Fuel for flight was a different story altogether. These were the thoughts Angela busied her mind with to keep from going feral with hunger. Instinctively, she dove towards the portal back to her hometown in the human world.

Rosemary Morgan strolled casually to baste the eight-pound chicken in the oven. Being a mother of two teenagers, she had seen some strange things in her kitchen. But she stopped dead in her tracks when she came upon a large beast hunched on her linoleum floor. Long hair and leather wings draped over the roasting pan. Grease-covered claws tore into what once to be a family dinner as a gaunt mimicry of her daughter's face gnawed at a very undercooked drumstick. The demon looked up from the carcass, locked eyes with the human woman, and froze. Rosemary was halfway to inaudibly mouthing her daughter's name in disbelief, but was pre-empted by a loud belch from the vermillion-skinned monster.

A yellowy mist was expelled from the demon's chicken-filled mouth. It crept into Rosemary's nostrils, doubling her over. Her skin felt like it was on fire. Her spine popped as her torso extended. Her baggy sweater tore in half, unable to contain the increased musculature of its wearer. Bones cracked and leggings tore as Rosemary's leg joints rearranged themselves. Talons tore her boots to shreds. She clenched her sharpening teeth as curled horns protruded from her forehead. Her already long, thick hair wriggled further down her back. Slowly, agonizingly, a pair of wings began to rise from her shoulder blades.

Shaking, barely able to open her eyes, she turned to Angela. In a gravelly half-whisper, she managed to ask, "Why?"

"Because," the demon snarled through a mouthful of giblets, "you never taught me to hunt."
Heck of a way to say Happy New Years, eh? I have to stay in full-on Underburbs mode, so I won't be taking any commissions for the foreseeable future. Well, that's that.

How are you?


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