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Angela's Magic Lesson - Hog Wild by Mr-DNA
Angela's Magic Lesson - Hog Wild
This episode is brought to you by :icontchristensen81:

Angela kept growing larger and somehow dirtier. Her tights had become a pair of sweatpants, which, due to her increasing size, were no baggier than they were before. Her gut was now spilling out of her stained, moth-eaten shirt. She scratched it absent-mindedly, not noticing that here hands were now sporting digits that were somewhere between fingers and hooves.

Better for scratchin', she thought, punctuating her philosophical musing with a loud snort.

Her sensitive snout began to pick up on the various smells in the room. A little dust, a fair share of mildew, but something else. It was pungent, bordering on repulsive. But the more she took it in, the more she found herself liking it! It didn't take long to detect that the stench was her own. After indulging herself in her own fetor for awhile, she came to her senses...

"Whoa, don't wanna get too ripe. Better find me a good mudhole!"

...sort of.

THE END... or is it?

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Angela's Magic Lesson - Snorting It Out by Mr-DNA

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*Your votes in the comments are nice and all, but this is a commission-based chain.  See START or the Journal for details.

Spider-Gwen by Mr-DNA
Another eventual fulfillment of a months-old request done at MASSive Comic Con. Apparently, :iconstockmanart: thought that Spider-Gwen would look good in my style. He was right! I know her unmasked face isn't supposed to be chalk white, but I liked what I had down already and didn't want to risk screwing it up. Then I realized why I liked it so much: the headband and white skin made her look like Dorothy from Big O.

I also left out the web patterns because I was working relatively small with markers. I didn't have a very dependable white pen on me, and attempting to leave the space behind would have been a disaster. Despite all my excuses, though, I'm very happy with this.
Most Important Meal by Mr-DNA
Most Important Meal
:iconcarsist: asked me about commissioning this piece months ago, but I finally had a small window of time to do it during a convention! I think it's only responsible to mention that the chances of transforming into Adventure Time's Breakfast Princess via dropped pat of butter (or even a non-diary spread) is very, very low. I will not be held responsible for ruined shirts.
Splatterburbs by Mr-DNA
In honor of E3 and the Nintendo World Championships 2015, and in the desire to be on the cusp of Inkling TFs, I give you all THIS.
UPDATE: More detailed Special Edition NYC info! Hope to see some of you this weekend!

Thanks for enjoying The Librarian's New Sweater! Thanks to BimboFans for squeezing a quick series out of me. I hadn't posted anything just for the sake of doing it in a long time, and I had a lot of fun making it. I really meant to only post one a day, but I can't help myself. And also, thanks for voting me as your favorite in the Cursed Clothing Contest!

Anyway, it's time for me to slink back into the shadows as I buckle down and get moving on the next Underburbs, as well as get to some comic cons (for which I'll have to emerge from the shadows)! Here's the rundown of where I'll be peddling funny books and commissioned sketches:

Special Edition NYC, June 6-7


Pier 94
711 12th Avenue
New York, NY

Saturday: 10a-7p
Sunday: 10a-5p


The Underburbs return to New York City for SpEd's second year of an all-comics, all-creators, no-holds-barred, rootin'-tootin' con! This time, it's being held at Pier 94 instead of the Javits Center. Come for the comics, stay for all the exposed ducts!

MASSive Comic Con, June 27-28
This is a brand-new show put on by the good folks at Double Midnight Comics. See how they use the setting of Massachusetts as a novelty in the title? That's how you know they're from New Hampshire. Was that even a dis? I don't know. But I do know the show will be at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. (Have fun pronouncing that, non-New-Englanders!)


Don't forget, all three of our trade paperbacks are available at as real books and digital downloads! Enjoy The Underburbs your way, as long as your way is one of the two ways mentioned in the previous sentence. (Enter "Underburbs" in the search window.)


Joe Haley
United States
Current Residence: Salem, MA
Favourite genre of music: Alternative & Punk, at least according to iTunes
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: (Dr.) Mr. Horse
Personal Quote: These sharks are on PCP!


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