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Hey, if it's been a little slow around here lately, it's because I've been fetal'd up on my couch as a ball of rotating blankets, clothes, and sweat. So anyone to whom I've promised art: it's eventually coming. Any other requests are gonna have to wait. Sorry. Recovering from illness and working the holiday season aren't good for art-doing.
Angela's Magic Lesson - Winter Princess by Mr-DNA
Angela's Magic Lesson - Winter Princess
This episode is brought to you by :iconcajun05:

The cold was getting to be too much for Angela. She decided she'd had enough, and simply shouted "Enough!" Her clothes continued changing to winter wear, but it seemed to grow fancier. Her dress fanned out, unencumbered by the heavy fur trim. Her sleeves became puffy at the shoulders, as a small fur cape draped itself behind her. Her white hair twisted itself into thick braids as her boots and gloves were adorned with ribbon. 

Her new clothes still left some exposed skin, but the cold no longer bothered her. She was the ruler of her own body temperature, she decided. With that thought, a large icicle formed from her right hand. A crown of icicles rose from her head. A tiny flurry surrounded her icy sceptre. Angela had always enjoyed autumn, but winter could now be hers and hers alone.

THE END ...or is it?

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*Your votes in the comments are nice and all, but this is a commission-based chain. See START or the Journal for details.
Epilogue - Tengu Tangle by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Tengu Tangle
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconkrockman18:


A week had passed since Angela Morgan meddled with magic spells in the school basement. Since then, she had taken to the skies, appearing only to menace travellers on the moutains and foothills of Underborough. This made life for the relatively peaceful residents very difficult. To be sure, monsters in Underborough had their share of differences, but savage beatings at the talons of a perpetually enraged bird-demon were not the way they were solved. This was especially difficult for one monster in particular: a vampiress named Winifred Pale. She had recently opened a portal to the human world for the purpose of taking it over. But said portal was at the end of a mountain path, making it suddenly prone to tengu attacks.

On the other side of the portal was the Morgan residence. Winifred snuck over in the dead of night in hopes of striking a deal. Picking stray leaves from her hair, she slid open the back patio door.

"Greetings, Mrs. Morgan. I hope the evening finds you well."

A disheveled Rosemary Morgan sat at the kitchen table, not looking up from her black coffee. "I thought you needed an invitation."

"Was that not standing? My mistake. Anyway, you know why I'm here. Something must be done about Angela. You want your daughter back, I want my witch back."

"She's not your--"

"My witch friend. You didn't let me finish. These attacks of hers, they're very bad for my conqu-- commerce. Surely as a witch yourself, you could find a way to lift the curse."

"I'd need the spell book from the school, but I don't think I could get there without being attacked. She's gone mad, lashing out at everyone. Even me! What am I supposed to do?"

"That's easy, you get someone who already has physical altercations with Angela in the first place. Discipline is a mother's place, but if it's a fight you want, send a sibling."

Without missing a beat, Rosemary shouted "DAMON!!"

Angela's brother shuffled down the stairs with his two friends, Monica and Simon. Each of them had been changed into monsters in Winifred's inital bid for the human world. "What do you want?"

Winifred answered for Rosemary. "Get out there and capture your red-nosed sister. You've got monster powers now, use them! Damon, you have pumpkin tendrils for limbs! Monica, you have a demon's fangs and claws! Simon, you have... mummy powers! Something with sand maybe? It's time to make a difference!"

Energized by Winifred's pep talk, the three teens charged into the portal.

"Do you think they'll be able to stop Angela?" Rosemary asked.

"Oh hell no. But they'll be a fine distraction while we get to the school and find that spell book."


It didn't take long for Angela to spot intruders on her mountain, especially since one of them had a lit jack o' lantern for a head. A few swoops, and it was over before it had barely begun. Scratched and bruised, the three teens looked wearily at the demon hovering over them. They had only gotten a glimpse of the changed Angela a week ago, but it was clear that she had only gotten stronger. Her feather-like hair was now a shocking white, which only highlighted her bright red face and elongated nose. Her robes were torn from her many scuffles. Her wings seemed larger as they flapped overhead. Angela recognized all three of them, but that did not change her attitude since the quick and one-sided battle.

"You're not stupid enough to enter my territory." Her voice was a low growl, much different from that of an insecure thirteen-year-old witch. "Who sent you?!"

Damon forced himself back up to a kneel. "It was Mom and the Countess." He spit out a pumpkin seed from his jagged mouth. "They just want you back. We all do. Come on..."

Angela narrowed her yellow eyes. "You miss me, do you? Very well."

Holding out her clawed hands, she beat her wings faster and faster until small whirlwinds formed. They spun in place for a few seconds, the whisked across the ground directly at the three trounced teens. They winced as they were pelted with dust and pebbles, but they could also feel the cold wind blowing through them, as though it was twisting their very souls. One by one, black feathers sprouted from their bodies, their arms becoming dark wings. Sharp beaks shot from their faces, exploding bits of Damon's rind and snapping Simon's wraps in two. Monica tried to scream, but her throat would only allow a shrill caw. Soon the others joined in, cawing and scratching at the dusty ground with their skinny talons.

Angela floated down, balancing on her geta. "They want me back? As a powerless little girl, no doubt," she muttered, speaking aloud though not really addressing her new kotengu servants. "If they want to take this power from me, they'll have to fight me for it. And they'd better come with a bigger army than mine, right?"

The kotengu cawed in unison and disappeared into the night sky.
Francescaerobicized! by Mr-DNA
Art trade with :iconwrenzephyr2:

Wren's OC Francesca changes her tune from a classical ballet dancer to a 1980s aerobics instructor.
Angela's Magic Lesson - Some Pink with Your Drink? by Mr-DNA
Angela's Magic Lesson - Some Pink with Your Drink?
This episode is brought to you by :iconslydante:

Angela's neck stretched longer and longer, as did her new beak. She swung her head around in confusion, as though the new freedom of motion of her head would help her find an answer to what was happening. Instead, she found another question.

"Where did this drink come from?"

A tray bearing a cocktail in a coconut shell sat gently in her pink feathers. Continuing down her wing, She saw that her clothes had changed as well. A satin tuxedo jacket replaced her purple dress. Shiny black heels sat snugly on her webbed feet. She could only surmise one thing: the drink she carried had a destination, and it was someplace far swankier than the school archives. Her long legs carried her briskly up the stairs. She had an order to fill.

THE END... or is it?

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*Your votes in the comments are nice and all, but this is a commission-based chain. See START or the Journal for details.

FullSizeRender by Mr-DNAWell! This has been quite the little burst of activity! Sorry to have been inactive for so long, but I've been trying to get the next Underburbs issue done. About a week ago, I finished penciling #17. I received a note asking if I'd do some AMLs, and I figured, "what the hell, I'll do a couple of these before I get back to inking." Next thing I know, I'm doing nearly a dozen AMLs plus a few epilogues. It's hard to say no to you guys. It's nice to see that a lot of you are still excited to see these things after three years and over 400 drawings. This pile of papers on my dirty couch doesn't do justice to all the work and fun and collaborative effort that's gone into this series.

That said, I'm going to have to put the brakes on this for awhile again. I have another 19 pages of inking plus a cover waiting for me. I've also got a long overdue commission to do once that's done. I'll try to pop in with more art as much as I can. Thanks for being awesome.


Joe Haley
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