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Epilogue - Toonderburbs by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Toonderburbs
...Previously... [Angela's Magic Lesson - Toonarooned]

Something was bothering Winifred Pale about her walk home through the woods. It was an exceptionally grey afternoon, but that wasn't the problem. Drab weather was very common in Underborough. What bothered her was the distinct lack of gloom. All the trees and flowers and even the last blade of grass appeared to be grinning at her. Everything seemed to be bouncing back and forth to some unheard tune. Unheard, that is except for an occasional pounding that echoed through the trees. She tried her best to dismiss it as tricks of the light or the wind, but all she wanted was to put the bizarre forest behind her.

Suddenly, with a loud KONK sound, she was struck in the head with a heavy, blunt object. She dizzily rose to her feet, too stunned to speak. Rubbing the location of the sneak attack with her hand, she felt a large, fleshy lump protruding from her scalp! As she looked around, there was no sign of her attacker, but the evidence of the act was ever-present. Her head was throbbing, to the point where it felt like the whole thing was swelling. Horrified and infuriated, she yelled, "WHO DID THIS?"

She meant to, anyway. Her demand for her assailant came out as a squeaky "Who-doot-dee-doo!" instead. Now she was just confused. Her head was pounding in a steady 4/4 rhythm, the hemline of her dress was suddenly far too drafty for a walk through the woods, and the mystery KONK-er was nowhere to be seen. She almost asked the doe-eyed girl rocking innocuously on her heels behind her if she had seen anything, but decided it would be best to go home and lie down.

Winny waved the trio of revolving stars away, gently pressed the lump back into her head, and skipped back down the path, humming along to the forest's peppy tune.
Epilogue - A Cleaner Underborough by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - A Cleaner Underborough
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconsoldatoflife:

...Previously... [Angela's Magic Lesson - Mecha Maid]

Winifred Pale walked the lonely halls of Underborough High School. She had stayed late, hoping to find where Angela had run off to. She had a brilliant new twist to her existing plans to take over the world, but they didn't seem half as brilliant without sharing them in exhaustive detail with her favorite minion. The school felt curiously empty this afternoon. 

There should be some staff still here, she thought. Looking out a window, she spied the elderly school janitor walking down the road towards the town, with an unusual spring in his step. The janitor's left? I can't be that late!

Winifred quickened her pace, hoping to find anyone, or at least a clock. As she turned the corner towards the library, she heard a faint whirring. Stepping inside, she saw that the library was immaculate. Every book shelved, every shelf dusted. If she hadn't attended the school every day (well, at least when she felt she absolutely needed to) she would have thought the carpet was brand new. She almost hated to step on it for fear that she might disturb the impeccably groomed fabric, but her search was a more pressing matter.

She was surprised to see two mechanical maids attending to the back corner of the library. A large one with a duster on its head and hands was wiping down the shelves from floor to ceiling, while a smaller one vacuumed the carpets with its hands.

"Isn't this typical?" Winifred balked. "Programs are getting cut left and right, yet the school sees fit to purchase robots!"

Suddenly, the robots stopped their cleaning and turned their heads towards her. Winifred could not believe her eyes. The big one looked just like Shelley --the duster hairdo was a dead giveaway-- and the small one's face looked just like...



NG-1A dashed towards Winifred, arm extended. Her vacuum switched into reverse. Winifred braced herself and shut her mouth tight, expecting a blast of dust and grit. Instead, a blue wave pulsed from the robot's palm. Winifred's already cold vampire skin grew colder, hardening into polished steel. Her clothes turned into thick plating. A white panel extended downward from her waist. Winifred looked at her once delicate hands, which now whirred and creaked with every motion. A fine mist expelled from her fingertips.

"What is--" She was about to ask what was coming from her fingers, but something in her head clicked, literally. It was window cleaner, of course. W1-N1's primary function was washing windows, just as NG-1A vacuumed and 5H-3L dusted. Running a search in the maids' shared database, she detected NG-1A's ulterior motive. In addition to obliterating dirt, the maids were to stop lawlessness in Underborough. And it seemed that the cleansing process that W1-N1 had just undergone was a deliberate choice towards those ends.

Shelley was constantly on the run from an angry mob of villagers. In all of Underborough, there was no filthier group of citizens. The cleansing of 5H-3L must have been for protection, if not a method of retaliation. Winifred Pale was trying to take over the human world. Such things were prohibited by W1-N1's programming. A literal cleaning and a figurative cleaning of one's act, W1-N1 concluded. Her sensors derived no humor from this revelation, but she did acknowledge the presence of the pun, a figure of speech used by many of the sapient life forms of this world.



"POLISH IS NOT A FUNCTION OF-- OF--" NG-1A sounded almost worried.

Epilogue - What a Horrible Night by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - What a Horrible Night
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconsdazvarence:

...Previously... (Angela's Magic Lesson - Morning Star)

Dark clouds dragged across the night sky, giving way to a crescent moon. Angela's destination was illumnated: Pale Manor. Atop the highest tower sat Winifred Pale, a vampiress with her sights on ruling the human world. But armed with her morning star and protected by little more than light armor and courage, Angela would--


Answer her cell phone? With al that had happened after school in the archives this afternoon, she had forgotten it was still on her.



"Countess Winifred Pale!"

"Yes, it's me. Listen, is that you outside, brandishing an absurdly long morning star?"

"Maybe it is!"

"Well, stop it. It's making a racket."


Angela hung up, waiting for the clouds to part again. Another dramatic pose or two and she'd be ready.
Epilogue - Queen by Her Own Hand by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Queen by Her Own Hand
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconsdazvarence:

...Previously... (Angela's Magic Lesson - Morgan the Destroyer)

"More mead, Your Grace?"

"No, Winifred. No more mead."

"Some other fantasy drink, perhaps?"

Angela was about to order her handmaid to leave her, but the words did not come. In a very short time after that fateful afternoon in the archives, many wars and feuds did she fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon her name, and in time, she became a queen by her own hand. But it felt hollow somehow. Was that what she wanted? It seemed to her that she conquered Underborough for no reason other than that she could. Finally, she spoke.


"Yes, Your Grace?"

"How is it that after all this time, with all of your efforts to conquer the human world not only stopped, but reversed, you can be so cheerful? How is defeat not weighing as heavily upon you as victory is on me?"

"Well, I don't really know, Your Grace. I supoose I'm just grateful to be a part of any successful world conquest!"

"Okay, now you may leave. I am officially more confused with your response than I was without it."
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