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Epilogue - Holy Horrors by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Holy Horrors
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconalexwarlorn:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Que Sera Seraph by Mr-DNA

Winifred Pale was running out of places to hide. The halls of Underborough High were filling with horrors, and not the ones she had grown up with. It seemed like everywhere she turned, winged creatures were flapping about, barring her escape routes, and making un-underworldly noises. But most disturbing was that they had all taken the faces of her fellow students. Winifred was fond of precious few of them, but it was unsettling nonetheless.

She had reached the end of the line. Mrs. Grumbleby's mad science lab was the only room in the entire building she hadn't run to. It was no use. Flying heads stared from all the windows. Winifred hesitated to use the word, but their voices grew softer, reaching a single tone. Winifred dropped to the floor and scrambled backwards towards a table as more heads poured in through the door. They stopped and stared, their pure white eyes unblinking. The mass parted, and in hovered what could only be its leader. Three pairs of wings gently waved, as red pupils darted back and forth on each of their joints. And its face--

"A-Angela? No..."

It... she floated ever closer. Winifred was experiencing fear for the first time, and did not like it. The winged, disembodied head of her only true friend opened her mouth. Out came something that was neither speech nor song nor breath, yet Winifred understood.

Be not afraid.

As she gazed into the seraphim's eyes, Winifred's eyes turned the same milky white as the rest of the cherub flock. She felt lighter, both from relief and the fact that her body was melting away. White wings unfurled from the sides of her head. The sound that had been shaking her very soul now escaped her lips. It is a song, she realized.

Finally, the whole of Underborough High School had been purified. But it was a big underworld outside the walls. The winged choir spiraled into the sky, ready to bring light to the monster realm.

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Epilogue - Clash of the Guardians by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Clash of the Guardians
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconalexwarlorn:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Arch Status by Mr-DNA

Angela flew home for the first time without the aid of her broom. She kept a careful eye on the Underboroughan landscape to be sure that the Countess Winifred Pale wasn't up to any mischief. On Halloween night, Angela was just an average thirteen-year-old girl. She witnessed Winifred's plans to take over the human world, and took it upon herself to stop her. Only now did she feel like she had the means to do it. Befriending the countess, becoming a witch... was it all for this? All she knew was that now she was at last a proper protector for Pendleton and the world around it. Angela may not have been any closer to figuring out how to reverse the damage that Winifred and her evil scroll had done, but she would defend the human realm from any further invasion. She was her hometown's guardian angel.

There was only one problem, and it was descending quickly.

A chord rang out from above. The vibration of harp strings echoed louder and louder, followed by a great crash in the street in front of her house. Angela gripped her fiery sword as she watched the dust cloud dissipate. Standing in a ring of cracked asphalt was a little girl sporting pigtails, a pair of small white wings, and a glowing halo.


She held up a long poleaxe with a twin-bladed harp on its head. "The evil must be purged," the young angel spoke, her voice small yet clear in both enunciation and intention. Her soul-piercing gaze fixed on Angela, and she charged, flying just inches off the ground. Angela held back the attack with her flaming sword, resulting in a bright and musical clash.

"Stand aside, little girl," Angela commanded, pressing her sword more firmly against the advancing axe. "I swore to protect this world!"

"Unnecessary. This town has its protector," Gabriele replied, unblinking. "I will purge the evil. I lift the monster world's curse on our townspeople."

"Then I must insist you stand aside," Angela said, pressing harder. "You yourself are affected by this evil. You were just a trick-or-treater who was transformed by the countess and her evil magic. Unlike you, I have chosen my path."

"As the countess' evil witch," Gabrielle flatly retorted.

"Well, clearly not anymore! Now yield, you little brat!"

"I was here first."

"I am older than you!"

"I was an angel first."

Metal clanged against metal. Embers and reverb filled the streets of Pendleton. The town would have its self-appointed guardian, once the two angels could decide whose right it was.

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Epilogue - Love in Itself by Mr-DNA
Epilogue - Love in Itself
This epilogue is brought to you by :iconalexwarlorn:

Angela's Magic Lesson - Heart Target by Mr-DNA

"Aw, come on, Win! I just want to make you happy!"

"Then just stay away from me, Angela!"

Winifred Pale was spending her afternoon the same way she had been for the better part of the past month: storming away from her increasingly bothersome friend. Since Angela Morgan sprouted wings, she had made a forceful matchmaker of herself. Her tiny heart-pointed arrows had found many targets, but Winifred herself seemed to be the one constant.

"Don'cha want to feel love in your heart?" Angela asked, doe-eyed.

Winifred spun around, holding her hands in front of her, as if it would affect Angela's marksmanship in any way. "I am a vampire. If I wanted anything in my heart, I'd put it there myself! Now leave me alone!"

Winifred's refusal of Angela's offer for love and happiness was understandable, given the events of the past few weeks. Among Win's arrow-induced suitors were George Tumbleweed, Hammer, Lyle the Wolfman, and Jezebel Brimston (Angela swore the intended target was Bel's twin brother, Lu). Each attempt was equally unwanted and ended in disaster. Winifred had no desire to discuss nor repeat any such feelings and instances. She knew she had to take charge of the situation. Her insistence on grumpiness and loneliness finally cracked Angela's fluttery resolve.

This was the opening Winifred needed. She rushed the little pink-cheeked angel, snatching her bow and quiver. She broke the weapons and ammunition over her knee, and breathed her first sigh of relief in weeks. Angela didn't look saddened by the attack, only slightly less happy.

"For the record, Angela, you are still my friend. But I am not sorry." Winifred turned around to head home, but immediately felt an all-too-familiar sting on her backside. She whipped back around once more, wide-eyed. Angela sheepishly stared back, holding a tiny crossbow with both hands.

"Now, don't get mad, Win..."

"Are you crazy, Angela? We're the only ones around! I don't want... ah..." Winifred held her fists to her temples, flustered. "Have you learned nothing from the Bel fiasco?!"

"It's not like that, honest! This was a special bolt, see?"

Before Winifred could so much as utter "see what," she could feel the bolt's effects begin to take place. Golden curls entered her field of vision. She raised a hand to inspect the bouncy locks, but she wound up staring at her hand instead. Her slender fingers were becoming short and pudgy. Her chalky skin was becoming soft and pink. Her dark, tailored clothes were now white and billowy. For the first time she could remember, she felt her heart warming. She gasped as a pair of tickly wings grew from her back. Excitedly, she twirled into the air, paying no mid to the fact that she now had to gain altitude to reach her friend's eye level.

"What did you do?" Winifred giggled, signaling that the question was one of genuine curiosity rather than the usual indignance.

Angela clutched Winifred's hands and swung them back and forth. "I did what I should have done this whole time! I made you as happy as I am! Sorry it took me so long to figure out how to do it."

"No problem, Angela!" Winifred shared her friend's glee as they flew in little circles. "Now I get what you were going for. And you get me, right? I'm a doer! Now let's get some new bows so we can spread the love right!"

Two tiny cheers faded into Underborough's afternoon sky, which seemed sunnier than ever,

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Or to watchers outside the US, Happy Thursday. Eat something delicious with someone you love regardless.
BIT FEST: Sketch Pile by Mr-DNA
BIT FEST: Sketch Pile
Here's all the sketches I did in between Samus and Leon! I just sat myself down and scrawled these bad boys and girls all day. It was fun! I gotta do more little 4x6 things like this at future cons. I sold them for probably way too little, but most folks were at Bit Fest for the free arcade games and (not free) beer. What matters is that I had fun, and it seemed like everyone else did, too.
Or to watchers outside the US, Happy Thursday. Eat something delicious with someone you love regardless.


Joe Haley
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