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ACME Serasite Wings by Mr-DNA
ACME Serasite Wings
Bel gets a taste of her own medicine via a mysterious gloved hand with another parasitic transformational living artifact.
ACME Instant Succubus Tail by Mr-DNA
ACME Instant Succubus Tail
Commission for :iconwrenzephyr2:

Looks like Bel Brimston from The Underburbs is getting into the monster transformation game, too. But unlike Winifred, who uses a dusty old scroll, Bel opts for creepy, living artifacts. The victim (who probably doesn't feel like a victim by the end of it) is Real Wren's OC and Fictional Wren's little sister, Lilly.
Angela's Magic Lesson - Down on All Eights by Mr-DNA
Angela's Magic Lesson - Down on All Eights

Angela fell to the floor, greeted by the bizarre sensation of eight limbs touching the ground at once, elbows and knees all pointed upward. She turned her head back as much as she could, and saw that her body was emerging from her dress. It was covered in short, dark hairs! Her arms and legs were sprouting hair as well. She could see claws growing from her new bare limbs, and could feel them underneath the gloves and boots of her original four.

(1.) Angela turns completely into a spider!

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Angela's Magic Lesson - Doublimbinal by Mr-DNA

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*Your votes in the comments are nice and all, but this is a commission-based chain.  See START or the Journal for details.

Angela's Magic Lesson - Not Baaah-d by Mr-DNA
Angela's Magic Lesson - Not Baaah-d
Thankful that she was alone, Angela removed the dress that strained against her rapidly growing wool.

"Getting undressed in the school basement. How embarrassing," she muttered to herself as she pulled the torn garment over her head. "How am I going to get out of he... huh." Once she held what was left of her clothing in her hand, she looked down at herself. Somehow, she didn't feel nervous anymore. Her tights had reformed into frilly stockings. A remnant of her dress sat atop her head as a little bow. And of course, huge tufts of wool surrounded her. She actually thought she looked kinda cute. It's like a big, cozy sweater, she thought, smiling. A big, cozy sweater growing out of my body, but still...

After she'd admired herself long enough, Angela daintily clicked her hooves up the stairs of the archives, eager to show off her new look.

THE END... or is it?

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 Angela's Magic Lesson - Have You Any Wool? by Mr-DNA

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*Your votes in the comments are nice and all, but this is a commission-based chain.  See START or the Journal for details.

I know I never formally opened them all year, but I need to get to work on Underburbs #16. If you've paid for one, it's on the way. If you've sent me a note for one and haven't paid yet, please do so and I'll get to yours in a timely fashion.
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Joe Haley
United States
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Operating System: Mac OS X
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Favourite cartoon character: (Dr.) Mr. Horse
Personal Quote: These sharks are on PCP!


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thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Say what are your commission prices?
YogurtPup Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
I got a idea for my TF sequence...
Wanna hear it?
Mr-DNA Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Like, one that you're going to do? Sure.
YogurtPup Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  New member Student Digital Artist
Remember the Toadette sequence
Well this is part 2 of it...
When she return to Mushroom Kingdom,Mario and Captain Toad was going look for her...Until they found her in her sexy form they both have bloody noses.Captain Toad want to know what happened to her and so she explained about mushroom.As soon as she finish telling her story Peach came along and she was mad.She was jealous because of her body was better than hers and so Peach got an idea to get sexy than Toadette.She got her mine supplies and was looking the same mushroom that Toadette found but this mushroom was different color.She ate it but it makes her body smaller and smaller then suddenly... SHE WAS TURNING TO A TOAD as soon she found out after transformation. Toadette took over Mushroom Kingdom as there princess but what happened to Peach?Peach have to go adventures with Captain Toad now.
Well there you have it 
GoldenMariokirby Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am still here. - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Icon was here
iann28 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015
try making another chain series with "red" from the warioware games.
SilverWolfJudge Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
MythzoneOffical Featured By Owner Edited Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Tell me your opinion about the following: In my series' third story arc, there's a bunch of vampires trying to resurrect the one and only Dracula, sort of like in the Castlevania games. One part of this story has said vampires calling for assistance, only it comes from an unexpected source. Where's this source you may ask? Spoilers! It's (supposed to be) (Underburbs)'s infamous little blood sucker in a cameo similar to Rita Repulsa's in Turbo:A Power Rangers Movie
Mr-DNA Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
'My opinion' as in, is it okay to use her or not? Sure, just credit :iconunderburbs: in the description.
MythzoneOffical Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you,sir, and just so we're not on the wrong foot, I plan on keeping Ms.Pale in the shadows.
The reason why is because I don't want to get sued ( and besides it adds a bit of a mysterious element in there).
Also I need to know where she currently is in the timeline of "The Underburbs" so I don't get confused ( I don't own any of your series' graphic novels so that's why I need a bit of catching up )
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