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Epilogue - Bestie of Burden by Mr-DNA Epilogue - Bestie of Burden by Mr-DNA
This epilogue is brought to you by :icontoriray128:


Winifred was pacing the halls of Underborough High. She had grown tired of waiting. She knew Angela was going to the archives to check out some magic book or something, but it was taking all afternoon.

"Ugh! Witches and their constant need for more magic! 'Want a great new way to tie your shoes? Here's a spell! Oh, no need for that bottle of broomstick wax ma'am, there's a spell to bring out that shine!' Foolishness."

With the rant finished, she decided to go down and find her missing witch herself. The closer she got to the archives, though, the more it sounded like a barnyard. In the middle of a fire and a tornado. She opened the archives' door to the sound of loud braying and crashing. She rushed down the stairs to find a donkey, kicking and flailing about, mad with... well, whatever it is that could upset a donkey this much. She tried to slip by, but she tripped on an overturned podium, right in the path of the enraged beast's hooves! Just as she was shielding her face in hopes to save it from impending trampling, she saw something swinging from the animal's fur. It was shreds of a purple dress. In that split second, she put it together.


The kicking and braying stopped at the sound of that name. There was a hint of vague recognition in the donkey's eyes. It tried to bray an answer, but soon gave up on that and just nodded its large head slowly.

"So it is you," Winifred said quietly, patting her friend's new snout. And then she gave it a light smack. "Well it serves you right, making a jackass of yourself! You know better than to tinker with magic spells, especially on my time!"

Angela stood in place, snorting and clopping in an attempt to plead her case.

"You're only making this worse. Now let's see this book of yours, and see if we can't figure out what you did to yourself and how to fix it." Winifred angrily flipped the pages. "Is this it? One clop for yes, two for no."

Angela's ears drooped. Clop.

"Oh, for evil's sake, Angela! It's even underlined! WILL TURN USER INTO DONKEY! That's not open to interpretation! Okay, remedies... remedies... hmm. Well, I hope all of those hooves work, because we're going on an expedition!"


After some quick arrangements, and a stop at Pale Manor for Winifred to pack and change her clothes, the two were on their way to what seemed to be a deep jungle. Angela was not aware Underborough had such a place, but here she was. Angela would have asked about it if she could, but it honestly wasn't necessary. Winifred talked nonstop the entire trip, unfettered by the presence of a non-verbal companion. Truthfully, even when Angela could speak, the conversations were this one-sided more often than not. Among Winifred's topics of conversation were the unique geography of Underborough, the temples where many magic tomes in the archives originated, and the constant name-dropping of Quetzlcoatl. "He's a friend of the family," Winifred restated.

"You know, Angela, I've always maintained that you made a better friend than a minion. So with that in mind, I apologize if I was coarse with you back at school. But look at you now! Quite literally pulling your weight, and then some! We should find something in these old ruins to reverse this spell, or at least most of it. Worst case scenario, we can get you talking again. Then I get a friend who can carry all my stuff, am I right?"

Angela's current face was not as expressive as the old one. A quick disapproving glance could get even Winifred to admit if she was joking. Right now she lacked that ability, along with her voice, opposable thumbs, and standing upright. Trudging through the hot jungle with what felt like Winifred's entire bedroom on her back, Angela could only hope that it was a joke. The first words she swore she'd utter would be, "That wasn't funny."
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A-Magic-Sandwhich Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016
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One clop for yes, two for no
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Hope they don't run into quicksand.
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Oh dears... let's... hope that Winni doesn't go through with that partial reversal plan...
Mr-DNA Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
I'm sure she'll do whatever she can. I don't think she'd hold out on Angela. Even if she did, she'd eventually find that she's more useful as a witch than a donkey.

Ain't that always the way?
Levia-the-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Mm, usually.
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