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August 12, 2006
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Mid-90's Cartoon Crossover by Mr-DNA Mid-90's Cartoon Crossover by Mr-DNA
Once again I have juggled my drawing "skillz" and my responsibilities at work to bring you a rendition of comic and/or cartoon characters.

This was a gift for a friend of mine. We were both in high school when Saturdays were awesome because you could watch The Tick and Freakazoid. The Tick was a great superhero parody. I still haven't seen the live-action series, and I'm kinda afraid to, even though Patrick Warburton (David Putty, Brock Samson) is the shit. Freakazoid was another one o' them Spielberg-produced WB cartoons. Paul Dini and Bruce Timm (of Batman: The Animated Series fame) created it. It was a bit like Animaniacs, except without a goddamn song every thirty seconds.

From left to right, we have Arthur, Fanboy, The Tick, and Freakazoid. Arthur is an ex-accountant wearing a moth suit. Not a bunny suit. Fanboy is an annoyance. He felt that Freakazoid needed a sidekick after losing Expendable Lad in a tussle with a supervillain named Milkman. (Expendable Lad only suffered a bruised rib, but Freakazoid took it pretty hard and went on a papaya juice bender.) His powers are the ability to tail Freakazoid and go on long rants about sci-fi movies. I have updated his rants for summer 2006! The Tick is nigh invulnerable. 'Nuff said. Freakazoid's secret identity is Dexter Douglas. He was sucked into the Internet (the net was a bit of a novelty back in the mid-90's) and gained superpowers. He also becamse very silly. It should also be noted that even the creators of the show didn't much care for Dexter, as he was kind of a drag and didn't really need to be in the show once Freakazoid's origins were established. One episode featured Freakazoid speaking into a tape recorder saying, "Note to self: write Dexter out of the opening."

It's not entirely clear whether Dexter actually becomes Freakazoid, or if they are two separate entities that switch, like Billy Batson and Captain Marvel. Think about it. They both activate their powers with a "magic word," be it Freakazoid's "awww, Freak out!" or Capt. Marvel's "SHAZAM!" You know what else isn't entirely clear? That I can have a fiancee, let alone talk to a girl. Comparing Freakazoid and Captain Marvel? Jesus, what happened to me?

EDIT: Here's a [link] to the preview gif. Don't ask.
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The mid 90s was gold...
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yes...yes it was.
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I love crossovers and this one takes the cake.
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I love cake.
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This crossover MUST happen
batosai7921 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved Freakazoid! I always connected to him lol
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Ah, gotta love the classics!
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What kind of kryptonite is it.
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They could have breakfast together!

"I have a bowl, good for me!"
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