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I've been tagged* by :iconjamsnjellies: to write eight facts about one of my characters. She chose Shelley from the Underburbs universe. If you haven't read The Underburbs, you may have seen her pop up in some of the AML Epilogues.
(*I'm apparently supposed to tag eight people, too, but I don't even think I know eight people.)

Without further ado, here are EIGHT FACTS ABOUT SHELLEY!
Shelley Watercolor by Underburbs

1. What's that name again?
Shelley's full name is Shelley Debunkle. Just to keep this one from being a total cop-out, I will mention that she is named after Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley.
The Debunkle part is just made up

2. What is she?
Shelley is made from reanimated corpses, hence the Frankensteinian namesake. There is no delicate term for her kind in The Underburbs. 'Flesh golem' doesn't quite roll off the tongue. 'Stitch' is used in some circles, but it is a bit of a racial slur.

3. What's her family like?
She has a creator/father by the name of Dr. Phineas Debunkle. She also has an older brother named Percy. The doctor's first experiment, Percy has very limited functions. This is due mostly to the fact that he keeps his brain on his lap as a pet rather than in his skull. Neither have appeared in an issue of The Underburbs yet.

4. How old is she?
Although she is enrolled in Underborough High School, Shelley was only shocked to life three years before the events of The Underburbs.

5. What's she like?
Shelley is shy and reserved, focusing mostly on her studies. Despite attending high school at the age of three, she is often mistaken for being very unintelligent. It's probably the whole reanimated corpse thing, but she tries not to let it bother her. Of course, have you ever tried not to let something bother you? It bothers you.

6. Poor girl. Any other problems?
She is a resident of Underborough, a dimension inhabited almost entirely by monsters. The few humans that reside there are unfortunately backwards villagers who are strongly opposed to mad science. Shelley is usually chased to and from school by a torch-and-pitchfork-wielding mob. With all the running she does, Shelley once considered trying out for the track team, but decided that the angry villagers would be too much of a disruption on the field.

7. Dat hair, tho!
Shelley has black hair with a shock of white on either side. She keeps her bangs short, but the large beehive hairdo is not by choice. Dr. Debunkle created Shelley with an extra large cranium, which her hair conceals. She is also never seen without her pair of bolt-shaped earrings. These serve no practical purpose; she just likes them.

8. Does she have any semblance of a social life?
Sure she does! She has become good friends with Angela Morgan, a recent transfer student from the human world. Since meeting Angela, she's had a chance to come out of her shell (sorry) a bit. Though she sometimes interacts with Countess Winifred Pale, she only barely tolerates her and considers Angela her only friend. She thinks Angela's human friend George is all right, but kind of a goofball.

Well, that's that! If you still hunger for facts, ask in the comments!

EDIT: You know what, I'm gonna feel stupid if I don't tag anyone at all. So while I'm going to fall way short of the recommended eight tags, here we go:

1. :iconsutibaruart: We've seen plenty of Subi-chan, let's hear about her, too!
2. :icondragon-fangx: As far as I'm concerned, Beth & Eliza are the runaway stars of Another Princess Story. Four facts apiece? Eight two-fers? The choice, as Black Sheep once said, is yours.

Heck of a way to say Happy New Years, eh? I have to stay in full-on Underburbs mode, so I won't be taking any commissions for the foreseeable future. Well, that's that.

How are you?
Or to watchers outside the US, Happy Thursday. Eat something delicious with someone you love regardless.
Woo! Due to a last minute cancellation, I'll be selling sketches at Bit Fest's Game & Shop in Allston, MA on Nov. 22 (which is actually today! I gotta get some sleep!). Hoping to end 2015's con schedule on a slightly higher note. Truth be told, I would've come to this thing even if I wasn't looking to peddle my doodles. It has free-play arcade games and beer. I mean, c'mon.…
If anyone missed my interview, allow me to post it in a less fleeting place on my page.

Also, I'll be at the Rhode Island Comic Con from Nov 6-8. Then The Underburbs go into hiding for the harsh New England winter. If I don't see my shadow, I may emerge with a new issue, or possibly a handful of disappointment MAGIC BEEEAAANS!
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Hello, watchers! I'm just letting everyone know that commissions are going to be closed for the foreseeable future. I'll be taking a vacation whether I deserve it or not, then I'll be doing some comic cons, as well as completing my biggest commission EVAR (which probably won't be posted here. More on that at a later date.)

Here are the upcoming cons. Hope you guys like New England! We will be selling all of the various Underburbs trades and regular issues, including the brand-new Issue 16! And as always, feel free to hit us up for a sketch. We like to sketch!

July 31 - August 2
(Table D711)

September 12-13
(table TBA)

September 19-20
(table TBA)
UPDATE: More detailed Special Edition NYC info! Hope to see some of you this weekend!

Thanks for enjoying The Librarian's New Sweater! Thanks to BimboFans for squeezing a quick series out of me. I hadn't posted anything just for the sake of doing it in a long time, and I had a lot of fun making it. I really meant to only post one a day, but I can't help myself. And also, thanks for voting me as your favorite in the Cursed Clothing Contest!

Anyway, it's time for me to slink back into the shadows as I buckle down and get moving on the next Underburbs, as well as get to some comic cons (for which I'll have to emerge from the shadows)! Here's the rundown of where I'll be peddling funny books and commissioned sketches:

Special Edition NYC, June 6-7


Pier 94
711 12th Avenue
New York, NY

Saturday: 10a-7p
Sunday: 10a-5p


The Underburbs return to New York City for SpEd's second year of an all-comics, all-creators, no-holds-barred, rootin'-tootin' con! This time, it's being held at Pier 94 instead of the Javits Center. Come for the comics, stay for all the exposed ducts!

MASSive Comic Con, June 27-28
This is a brand-new show put on by the good folks at Double Midnight Comics. See how they use the setting of Massachusetts as a novelty in the title? That's how you know they're from New Hampshire. Was that even a dis? I don't know. But I do know the show will be at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA. (Have fun pronouncing that, non-New-Englanders!)


Don't forget, all three of our trade paperbacks are available at as real books and digital downloads! Enjoy The Underburbs your way, as long as your way is one of the two ways mentioned in the previous sentence. (Enter "Underburbs" in the search window.)…

I'm not going to pretend that Norman Lee and I were inseparable chums or anything like that, but I'd feel bad if I didn't say anything. Years ago, T.J. and I met Norman at one of several little rinky-dink cons held in Boston roughly every other week. At the time, I think he was working on Mary Jane Loves Spider-Man or something. Anyway, the small size and lack of traffic at these mini-cons gave those of us in Artist Alley (aka Conference Room D) a chance to mill about and socialize. Norman complimented our very early work (we had maybe 2 or 3 issues out at the time), and that was a legitimizing moment for me. A Massachusetts native was working for the big guys, and he liked our stuff, and he was a good guy all-around. I dunno. It's not much of a story, but it's all I got. He was at the very least another face I looked forward to seeing at conventions. For something like this to happen to a nice guy who was just enjoying a vacation with his wife... it just sucks.
I know I never formally opened them all year, but I need to get to work on Underburbs #16. If you've paid for one, it's on the way. If you've sent me a note for one and haven't paid yet, please do so and I'll get to yours in a timely fashion.
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It's out.

Get hype here:…

Get book(s) here:…

Oh yeah, and thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!
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Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still around, despite my media blackout for the past month or so.  I've been working constantly to make some new content for my upcoming Underburbs Volume III: Party Mix!  If any of you have either of the first two trade paperbacks, you've hopefully read through the special features (commentary by the artist/characters, deleted scenes, sketches, etc.).  As the issues get more recent, though, there's less content to go around.  So this time I did a 12-page bonus comic.  That's been keeping me from doing pretty much anything else for all of August.  I know there are a few of you who may be looking for commissions, and hopefully I can squeeze them in between finishing this book and the holiday season. (I do work in retail, after all.)

If anyone is in New England this fall and wants to hunt me down, take a look at the journal in the Underburbs gallery.

---> :iconunderburbs: <---
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First off, a big thanks to every who came out to New York and Philadelphia! It was a lot of fun, as always. Be sure to go to my Underburbs gallery to see all the new sketches and stuff that came from these two back-to-back comic cons!

Second, and I know I say this all the time, I gotta get myself back to work on the next Underburbs issue and trade paperback. As anyone who's read our trades knows, I like to throw in extra goodies rather than just repackage a couple issues and call it a day. The next trade will have issues 8-11. The more recent the issues get, the less doodles I have lying around for compilation's sake. So to fill the space, I'm planning a 10-page bonus comic.

But I don't want to leave everyone here twisting in the wind while I'm doing that, so once I get into the groove (which is always pretty well kick-started by a few cons) I will try to take on commissions. Nothing too long, of course. If you're looking for comics, I'd like to keep them down to simple, three-page max ideas. Short sequences and pin-ups may also be available in this vague future. 

I know I have a couple short things I've promised to a few of you who've already come forward and asked me for stuff. I haven't forgotten! Once I get all my ducks in a row, I'll make a more official post with rates and slots and all that good stuff that artists should know how to do.
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Next week's gonna be big! BIG I SAY! Monday, I can expect a box of fresh new Underburbs comics. Tuesday, I will roll around in a pile of Underburbs #15 while I watch a full friggin' day of Nintendo E3 baloney. Wednesday, I will drive straight to Best Buy from work and play me some Smash 4. Thursday, I will clean off that pile of Underburbs #15 I rolled around in. Friday, I will go to work and try to bug out early so I can get some rest for Special Edition NYC. But I won't get rest. I'll be playing Mario Kart.

Special Edition NYC
June 14-15
Javits Center

This is a new convention put on by the organizers of the New York Comic Con. Unlike its multimedia big brother, Special Edition is all about comics, and we're proud to be a part of its inaugural Artist Alley. Find us at table U2. It might be tough to find because the streets have no name.

Philadelphia Comic Con
June 20-22
Philadelphia Convention Center

The Underburbs return once more to Philly… kind of! Sadly, due to scheduling conflicts, T.J. won't be able to attend. Instead, I will be joined by Ms. DNA herself, (not Mrs. yet) Meg LaViolette! Find us at table F42.
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I don't usually use this space for op-ed pieces about video games, so I think this should just about cover it:…

UPDATE: Some dickweed reported my post for spoilers. Jesus Christ, all I want to do is share a drawing with Miiverse. And what exactly did I spoil? That Mega Man is in Smash Bros? That he can perform a Final Smash, like literally every other character in the game? I hope that little shit reported Sakurai for posting a video of the thing I alluded to in my drawing.  Wow, that grinds my fucking gears.
After much soul-searching and overwhelming demand, I have decided to discontinue the Angela's Magic Lesson series. I started it as a way to have lots of art to post, but it's been taking too much time from my one true passion: hardcore porn. Get ready to see lots of poles and holes on this page.
Now that April Fools' Day is over, I just want to give a quick heads-up that Underburbs co-creator T.J. Dort and I are officially guests of the first-ever Camden Comic Con!  It will be held at Rutgers University this Saturday, April 5 from 10am-4pm.  We'll be signing books, doing sketches, and being as personable as can be after waking up at 3am to drive to Jersey.

No, we won't have Underburbs #15 yet, but I have finished inking it and we'll be glad to drop you little hints about it.  Here's one now: every page features a character who's been out of the spotlight for awhile!

By the way, there will be plenty more guests at this shindig, so check out the links below, and adjust your weekend plans accordingly.…
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Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone! I know it's been a little quiet lately. I've been busy working on lots of Underburbs-related stuff, like a new issue and some spiffy banners for conventions. Then I'll be busy compiling sketches and creating new content for the third Underburbs trade paperback. Basically, I'm drawing, but for the most part it's 'offline' artwork.

Hopefully at some point I'll start taking commissions again, but I've been shirking my responsibility to my own projects for too long.

But thanks for watching as always. I hope to post some surprises in the future!
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Hey dudes!  Thanks for all your views and commissions and support throughout 2013.  See you next year!  In the meantime, though, make sure to check out the Transformation Repository for the next couple weeks.  Rosemary's got some tough competition in the La De Baucherie Fashion Show, so it's up to you guys to vote for your favorite!  I'm not gonna lie; I hope your favorite is mine.  Happy Holidays!  All of them!

UPDATE: Thanks for voting, everyone!  Rosemary took third prize.  It was a close race (for second at least).  Stay tuned to the TransRepo in January for the fashion portion to begin!  There'll be plenty of opportunities to vote then as well!
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Well, it looks like it's time for me to put on the brakes once again.  The holidays are fast approaching, and time for commissions will dwindle to next to nothing due to work, Christmas shopping, working on Underburbs #15 (HAHAHAHA), and sad attempts at free time.  But thanks to everyone for commissioning, commenting, faving, and putting up with over half a year of seeing the same square format for 99% of my submissions.  There's still enough AML to last throughout the rest of November, and there may be a few surprises trickling here and there in December.  If I don't post anything else in the journal for the rest of 2013, then I hope everybody has a happy series of holidays!


Here's what's left of AML for 2013:

NOV 18-22 :iconrobertmacquarrie1:

NOV 23-24 :anonymous weekend:

NOV 25-27 :iconcraptacular123:

NOV 28: I'm not postin' nothin.  I'm eating turkey and playing Super Mario 3D World with my bro.

NOV 29-30 :iconpulledpork:

DEC 1-3 :icondocotto:

DEC 4 :iconelrunion136:

DEC 5 :iconrenee-niels:

DEC 6-?: Working retail, but stay tuned to :iconmr-dna: and :iconunderburbs:


This Chain Series (inspired by :icondragon-fangx:) features Angela Morgan, the protagonist of my comic series, The Underburbs.  I want to have fun with it, and I want you to have fun with it.  And really, what says "fun" more than a bulleted list of rules and guidelines?

•It is $10 to commission the next step or epilogue.  I accept PayPal at    If possible, please pay up front, just so I'm not chasing anyone down for payment when their piece is scheduled for posting.  But please note me before throwing money at me!

•I'm using a single background and coloring the character digitally, so I won't be mailing originals for this one.  I would like to take this opportunity to point out that every one of these (other than the  handful or recolors) is drawn from scratch.  I am not editing files in Photoshop to slightly alter the image from one step to the next.  (That actually sounds like more work to me.)

•When sending the PayPal, please include a short message describing what the commission was.  That way, I know who paid without having to try to match a real name to a dA username.

•I reserve the right to decide what constitutes a single step.  This means don't go nuts.  Angela can't have tingly hair in one step and be a three-headed dragon the next.

•Keep it appropriate.  Angela is my character from my comic, so there's going to be some level of attachment on my part. (I wasn't even sure I wanted to trot her out like this, but it's all in fun and NON-CANON). More importantly, she's also supposed to be 13 years old.  And while Age Progression is certainly a factor in this situation, that doesn't mean there's going to be any sex/nudity.

•With that in mind, I reserve the right to turn down ideas based on content or if I just don't think I'll be able to do it justice.  (I've already seen a couple suggestions in the comments that I'm not sure will even work in the Underburbs art style.)

•Oh yeah, no turning her into other licensed characters.  That's not how I roll.

UPDATE: I'm actually not charging anything at all for the recolors, if your commission happens to require one.  You don't have to pay me a dollar for my time of posting something on the Internet.  That's silly.  People do that for free literally every day.

'NUTHER UPDATE: There are a lot of people just dropping numbers in the comments.  That's fine, because it adds the whole vox populi angle, but just remember that this is, in fact, a commission chain.

And one more thing:  anyone to whom I've promised commissions?  I'm still doin' em!
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First off, I know I'm not good at maintaining a simple list of commissions.  So I'll just say that my dance card is full, and that'll be that.  I got some other things to say.

I live in Salem, Massachusetts.  Home of the infamous with trials and setting of the next Rob Zombie movie.  A mere seventeen miles from here is Boston, which in a week's time has seen a bombing that has taken lives and limbs from people trying to enjoy a marathon on a warm spring day, a series of shootings (with even more bombs and injuries and fatalities), a region-wide lockdown, and a manhunt that is going on as I type this journal entry.  And while it sounds crass to even bring it up in light of these events, this was supposed to be the weekend of the Boston Comic Con, an event that artists and fans alike look forward to all year.  Due to all the madness of the past week, it has been postponed.  It will happen at some point this year, so it's not like I'm sitting here feeling sorry of myself while children are dead or maimed.  

No, the reason I bring it up at all is because I wanted to give a shout-out to my friends and fellow artists at Tryptic Press for doing something that I found truly amazing.  In lieu of the Boston Comic Con, they are going to hold their own convention in their studio space in Beverly, MA tomorrow (April 20).  This is something that a lot of artists (and really anyone around here) truly need.  We only got the news of the cancellation less than 24 hours before the BCC was going to open, and these guys took it upon themselves to get on their phones and emails and facebooks to contact every artist they could think of, round them up, and basically just have a cool get-together where people can come see the art we were looking forward to displaying.  There are actually quite a few MA/New England comic shops doing similar things.

The more cynical among us may be thinking, "so, you're just going to find a way to squeeze money out of people during a time of tragedy, eh?"  Don't feel bad for thinking it.  Hell, I thought it and typed it just now.  But I feel like the last thing we need after this week is one more disappointment.  Many of us have friends or family, or at least know someone who knows someone who was affected by the vicious act of this past Monday, and we need relief.  I always joked about doing things in the name of "not letting the terrorists win," but there really is some validity to that.  This "make-up convention", or even the regular one that got postponed, isn't about the money.  (Let's face it, The Underburbs has only paid for itself for the last seven years, and I consider myself fortunate for that much.)  It really is about the people.  It's the faces I look forward to seeing at all the cons I go to, and that's what makes this such an important gesture.  It's about seeing our friends, being part of a community, and not letting a couple cowards with a bag of pipe bombs dictate even the most trivial parts of our lives.

I hope that made any modicum of sense.  I don't usually need to use this space to speak from the heart.
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