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Scrapsburb (The Krockman/Underburbs crossover)
When one lives in Underborough, they really shouldn't expect a dull moment. Nobody knew this better than Shelley Debunkle. Whether it's working on experiments in the science lab or running from the local angry mob, the young franken-girl never really had a moment of boredom. However, nothing could have prepared her for what she found when she answered the door one day. 
It was a day like any other, Shelley was reading in the study when she heard a knock at the door. "Hm, I wonder who that could be?" Shelley asked herself, getting up from her chair and making her way towards the door. "Last time I checked, angry mobs aren't usually so courteous as to knock first." As she approached the door, Shelley thought of another possibility. "Perhaps it's Angela," she thought to herself. "She did say she was going to practice magic after school. Perhaps she's stopping by to show me what she learned." As she opened the door, Shelley expected to see the green skinned face of her witch friend, o
:iconkrockman18:Krockman18 8 4
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Let's MILF a Deal
Commissioned and written by :icontreyburdick:

A lonely young man turns to the occult in hopes of scoring with the ladies, but ends up scoring lady parts instead! I haven't done a regular ol' TF/TG comic in a while. I'm also having fun experimenting with my Epilogue coloring style on longer formats like this.

pencil, ink, charcoal, and digital coloring
Save the Llama for Your Mama
Continuation of Angellama and Donkllama Dilemma

Angela Morgan was mortified. She had been upstairs in her room making frustrated llama sounds all afternoon. She was fully aware of her plight, but lacked the human speech and opposable thumbs to do anything about it. Suddenly, she found the problem fixing itself. Her hooves were splitting back into stubby fingers. Her spine was slowly allowing her to stand upright. Her snout was pushing back into her face. Angela looked in the mirror. Her head was still perched atop a long, fluffy neck. She still sported long ears and a slight underbite. A light brown coat still covered her body, which was more than she could say for the outfit she was wearing when she cast the spell.

Angela wasn't exactly back to her old self again, but she wasn't unhappy with the result. The spell did make her taller, after all. She found some clothes that fit her semi-llama frame and made her way downstairs. Back in Underborough, her new look wouldn't be terribly out of place. She slid open the patio door and called out to her mother. 

"Mom, I'm going to hang out with Shelley! I'll be back around--"

"Hold on, Angela," Rosemary said sternly from the living room. "Come here for a minute."

Angela clopped towards the living room as quietly as her hooves would allow. She saw the back of her mother's head over the back of the couch, but it seemed a little... high. Angela gasped as a pair of long ears swung out from her mother's hair.

"Sit down, Angela. We need to talk about casting spells in the house."

Angela circled to the front of the couch and placed her thick, black-tipped fingers to her mouth. Rosemary's neck had grown long and hairy like Angela's. Her broad, fuzzy shoulders stretched the collar of her sweater. She sat with her legs crossed, dark hooves shaking impatiently from the cuffs of her jeans. Angela struggled to get the words past her elongated teeth. "M-Mom? How did... I mean, uhh... I didn't put a spell on you..."

"You turned yourself into a llama and stomped around in your room for an hour," Rosemary said, patting the couch with a thickly-nailed, hooflike hand. "And you'd still be doing that now if I hadn't cast a transference spell. You were one hundred percent llama. I was zero percent. We're now averaged out. 'Thank you, wonderful, amazing mother.' You're welcome, Angela."

Angela's mouth hung open. Her eyes soon welled up, and she found herself burying her head into her mother's long, furry neck.

"Oh, Mom, I didn't mean to screw up the spell this bad," Angela sniffed. "I didn't mean to make this your problem, I..."

"Angela, what kind of mother would I be if I left you like that? Cleaning up messes is part of the job," Rosemary sighed. After a brief pause, she playfully shook Angela's shoulder. "Absorbing your daughter's llamaism is kind of an advanced mom move, if I do say so myself."

Rosemary's bragging made Angela smile. She could always find a bright side to all the outlandish things that happened since the portal to Underborough appeared. Angela hoped that maybe her mother's spell transferred some of her optimism as well. "I'll fix this, Mom, I promise."

"Damn right you will, sweetie," Rosemary said, teasing Angela's long ears. "In the meantime, for what it's worth, my eyelashes have never looked this good."

Commissioned by :icondavaba19:
Epilogue - Infinituplets
This epilogue is brought to you by :icontiarastwilight:


Angela and Angela decided it would be best to inform their friends and family of their new, doubled state. Apart from the fun surprise, there would be practical things to discuss, like class schedules and living situations. Each Angela split up to locate or contact as many people as they could. They would meet back at their house in two hours. The Angelas led people into their living room in alternating waves, so as not to spoil the reveal. When the time finally came, one Angela stood in front of the mantle and performed a vocal version of a drum roll. Then the second Angela leapt into the room with a boisterous "ta-daa!" Needless to say, this caused quite a commotion in the room.

"Now, now," Angela said, holding out her hands to quiet the crowd.

"We can explain... everything..." the other Angela trailed off.

Both Angelas quickly realized that the noise from the crowd was not a volley of questions, but a choir of moans. Everyone was clutching their sides or holding their heads. Phrases like "what's happening" and "I feel so strange" overlapped each other through various sets of clenched teeth. They watched in horror as a familiar metamorphosis overtook the crowd. Their mother Rosemary's white-streaked hair was filiing in with strands of dark brown. Bel Brimston's horns were shrinking into her head. Shelley Debunkle's stitches faded from her face as blue-blushed cheeks took their place. Winifred Pale's fine, silken blouse was turning into a plain purple cotton dress.

"I... I didn't cast anything!" Angela stammered. "Did you?"

"No, nothing!" Angela responded.

"I think it was a reaction caused by the two of you," Rosemary said, her voice getting higher with each word. Her loose-fitting sweater was growing tighter, longer, and purpler. Years of wrinkles were being pulled away in seconds. "I think we can fix this if we... umm... if we... " Rosemary ran her newly-gloved hands through her waist-length, straight brown hair. "Ugh, it's no use! I can't remember if there was anything else in that book from the archives!"

"Mom... you weren't in the archives," Angela said, her face growing more and more concerned.

"What's wrong," the ex-Rosemary asked in Angela's voice. "Is Mom okay?"

"Oh, no! This is bad!" Angela's eyes darted around the room to see who still looked the least like herself. "Win, you have magic scrolls back at Pale Manor, right? Is there something that can fix this?"

Winifred tried to concentrate as her once slick black hair fell down her back in brown waves. She flashed a confident smile, displaying her receding fangs. "I... I  think I might have something in my room!" she cried, and immediately ran upstairs.

"Win, no! That's... that's my room," about five or six Angelas said.

Things were looking bleak. Angela stood in a room full of Angelas, all giving each other the same anxious, uncertain stare. They could discuss the matter if they wanted, but none of them could provide any information that each one of them didn't already know. Any attempt to reach outside help would only result in another Angela that only knew what the Angelas knew. The Angelapocalypse had begun.

...or maybe they'd just do the rest of their research online.
Sam Allen - Bridalized
A long overdue piece for :iconwrenzephyr2:

His OC, Sam Allen, was walking down the street when she catches an errant bouquet.
Winifred Plushified
I received a lovely piece of gift art just this morning, courtesy of :iconrubberfrills:
I had time to doodle this out at work today in return. Enjoy, and be sure to look at the original in the link below!…

EDIT: Oh, and I unwittingly posted this on rubberfrills' birthday! Gift art exchange WOOOO
First off, thanks to everybody who left birthday wishes here and in the Underburbs gallery, and especially for the pieces of birthday art. It really means a lot to me that you all still come here to see what this ol' bag o' bones manages to scrawl out every couple weeks.

Broom Flyin'! by BigMarioFan99  Shake it Angela by Valsalia  Wide Winifred by Anastimafilia GIFT: Winifred Gets Double Trouble by Wrenzephyr2 Who's the freak now by TranzmuteProductions

Before my birthday weekend, I managed to pop out a couple of backlogged epilogues, and my notes (kinda) blew up. I responded to as many as I could, including some notes that had gone neglected. I'm going to make an effort to get to all of these, so I'll just start listing off who asked for what in no particular order.

:iconschnopszilla: Pin-up (color)
:iconkrockman18: Magic Lessons (2)
:iconleothekid17: Epilogue (1)
:icontreyburdick: Comic (3 pages)
:icontiarastwilight: Magic Lesson (1) + Epilogue (1)
:icontress-manipulator: Pin-up (color)
:icondavaba19: 5-part sequence

So that's kinda of a lot, but I'm going to earnestly try to actually create artwork (or whatever it is I do) when I get home. I've been falling into bad habits lately, and I want to be creating more content. If this wave of commissions/pending commissions seems like it's all over the place, that's because it is. I need to throw myself into this and get back on the horse. And if you're looking at this list and thinking, "hey, I asked that bum if I could do this or that and he said he wasn't taking stuff in," you have every right to think that. My commission-taking is very fickle and disorganized, and I apologize for that. I'm not saying that's going to change, or that this is the dawn of a new Mr-DNA. At the very least, this is an experiment that should result in some new stuff being posted here. Maybe not regularly, maybe not as often as either of us would like, but something.

So if you see your icon up here, and there's anything that needs to be confirmed or detailed, send me a note and I can get to work!
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Joe Haley
United States
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barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(note:this came from the note in case you didn't look)


You may remember me or not But I have an additional idea for your Angela's magic lesson game which you trying to finish before moving to other projects.

Add 'Invisible' option with an epilogue make an option where Angela begins to either vanish or turn invisible

,If invisible ,the epilogue will have her try to tell anyone it's her but everyone including her friends can hear her but can't see her,So she will try to wear some clothes with bandages over her head like The invincible man from the universal monsters franchise,So they might recognise her until she finds a cure for her condition

If vanish ,It's like she never exist (dark ain't it)

So will you add the invisible option in your Magic lessons game?
Zalloy Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
And finally all caught up to the gallery, and what a pleasure it was to do so! As always your art really lend itself well to creating both interesting variations on common transformation ideas, and then giving that an uber cute spin.

Heck, even some of the more scary plague like epilogues of Angela's lessons, rendered in your style are almost more cute then genuine scary! That's how much you've mastered the cute.

I thought the writing was pretty spot on too, and while some of the stories are good closure, I do admit a couple of them were interesting enough that I wouldn't have minded more epilogues follow up! Which I totally understand why'd you want to avoid that particular rabbit hole. Seeing how many paths there are now! Aha.

Keep up the fantastic work! And good luck with the continued Underborough adventure.
Mr-DNA Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2017
I'm glad you enjoyed everything!
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